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Forums     Plugins     Crunchessor Crunchessor AU plugin user interface is not drawn in 32 bit Harrison Mixbus

I'm trying to use Crunchessor in Harrison Mixbus version 3.7, and because I need old AU plugins (like PSP StereoPack), I have to use the 32 bit version of Mixbus.

The user interface of the AU plugin is not being drawn, so it's unusable.  The same AU plugin _does_ work in Ableton Live 9, 32 bit, on the same machine.  The Crunchessor AU plugin does seem to work in the 64bit version of Mixbus v3.7, but like I said, I have other older plugins that require using the 32 bit version.

Here's a screenshot.  White window, so something is wrong somewhere.

The operating system is Mac OS X 10.8.5.

Sorry, we can't probably solve this issue - Mac OS X has a lot of oddities related to legacy 32-bit code.

Do you think it might work in an older Mac OS X, or what do you mean by "legacy"?  By the way, in addition to Ableton Live 9 32 bit, the Crunchessor AU plugin also seems to work in old GarageBand '11, v 6.0.5, which seems to be a 32-bit program. "file GarageBand" prints: "GarageBand: Mach-O executable i386".

Yes, some software works fine even in 32-bit mode, the oddities are due to different "visual" modes (Carbon, Cocoa) of older Mac OS X versions.  In some older host software we could not get our plugins showing the user interface.  We can't fix this unfortunately as many older API functions in Mac OS X are currently deprecated, so we can reliably develop plugins for newer software only.
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