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Hello Aleksey,

I noticed that Im almost never using Crunchessor anymore.

I usually reach for Deft Compressor or the Voxformer. and if I need a little crunchfactor I rather use a combination of Deft and Tubeamp or the "Drive" Function in the Voxformer.

The Valve modes of Crunchessor add some harmonics...but for my taste they are a little to subtle and smooth and dont really bring in "crunch".

1.  Im missing some crunch/ Saturation knob - similar to Voxformer

2. could you add the same key filter options like in Deft compressor?  I find that much more intuitive to use.

Just ideas...but such updates might bring the Crunchessor back for me :)


Thanks for your inquiry.  However, Crunchessor is not planned to be updated with the same key filter as in Deft Compressor.  Also saturation control is not planned - Crunchessor's saturation is such that it is dynamic and kicks in when compression becomes stronger.
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