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Forums     Plugins     Crunchessor Crunchessor 2.9 crash in Wavelab 8.5


After rendering, Wavelab 8.5 (PC, 64bit) shows an error message.  Clicking on Key filter, Mode or Style buttons makes the main plug's window disappear.

The same plug-in-window-disappear behaviour can be seen with many other Voxengo's plug-ins which have drop-down menus, in Wavelab 8.5.


Sorry to hear this!  Please direct this issue to WaveLab developer - it may be related to the latest changes in WaveLab code.

As I recall, the first drop of WaveLab 8.5 was manifesting this issue.  I had to temporarily drop back to 8.0 until it got fixed.  It seems to have been addressed in 8.5.10.
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