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Crunchessor seems to be crashing Logic Pro 9.1.8 (64 bit).  Mac OSX (latest.)

Here's the abbreviated error log - I tried to post the whole thing but the forum isn't letting me.  Aleksey, I can send you the whole thing if you email me.

Process: Logic Pro [1524]

Path: /Applications/Logic Pro


Version: 9.1.8 (1700.67)

Build Info: Logic-17006700~1

Code Type: X86-64 (Native)

Parent Process: launchd [127]

User ID: 501

PlugIn Path: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Crunchessor.component/Contents/MacOS/Crunchessor

PlugIn Identifier:

PlugIn Version: 2.8 (2.8)

Date/Time: 2013-02-05 14:36:37.151 -0800

OS Version: Mac OS X 10.8.2 (12C2034)

Report Version: 10

Interval Since Last Report: 21205 sec

Crashes Since Last Report: 1

Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 4123 sec

Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 1

Anonymous UUID: 6719B5EE-57FA-EF93-83CA-DDDFDFC9DA7A

Crashed Thread: 10


Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0xfffffffd3ca55240

VM Regions Near 0xfffffffd3ca55240:

--> shared memory 00007fffffe0b000-00007fffffe0c000 [ 4K] r-x/r-x SM=SHM

Thanks, we'll check it out.
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