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Hi Alexey, and long time only reading here.

I just got a copy of Adobe Audition 5.5, which is in many ways a nice program even at this early stage, and a valuable upgrade to have beside Audition 1.5 at current low price via Amazon.

A bit of problem with Voxengo plug-ins, though, and according to Adobe Forums, you've been talking to them about it back in May.  Apparently solutions aren't complicated, and just make better compatibility with the VST spec.

What I find is the following:

- three of my 'original version 2' Voxengo VSTs show up in the Audition Effects menus as Stereo-capable effects, and appear to work fine -- GlissEQ2, Elephant2, and Transmodder2.  Transmodder as always having some fascinating abilities for cleaning up hearing of a bad recording.  Most of your free plugins also show up as Stereo-capable and work.

- However, Version 2 Crunchessor shows up in Audition as 'Other' category an not selectable -- as does PHA-979.  This means both cannot be used at all.

- Further, the collection I have of try-out Version 3 plugins all show up as 7.1-capable, but again are greyed out, and cannot whatsoever be used on stereo tracks.  The free SPAN analyzer has this problem also.

Hoping the fixes are actually easy, and that this will give you a friendly nudge.  More opportunity to show up on KVR as they are done, also.

I'm thinking that to get this sorted for 7.1 capable plugins is a worthwhile thing, as regardless of early feature-not-yet-implemented complaints which the developers have been surprisingly clear about, Audition 5.5 feels a very nice program, and should catch on, plus its integration with Digital Moviemaking ought to generate a fresh area of customers for you.

I'd like to have my old friend Crunchessor 2 working also, but here the included plugins with the new Audition seem likely to be able to substitute, given that's too much trouble.

In any case, thoughts to fortune to Voxengo, and I do find the interest is there, hence using the tryouts to see what can be the future use of them.



Unfortunately, this can't be fixed from our side without breaking multichannel capability which is needed by many users (up to 15% of users need multichannel capability).  Newer Voxengo plug-ins have a global "no multichannel operation" switch which you can enable in some host that can load the plug-ins.  But this will completely disable the multi-channel capability.

I hope Adobe staff fixes this incompatibility considering I've discussed a quite easy solution with them already.

Aleksey, thanks as always for letting the situation be clear.

I've posted your reply on Adobe's Forum, which seems to be visited by developers often in Audition 5.5's case.

Let's hope they will be able to adjust shortly, given the benefit of your case and suggestion.

Here's the post:



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