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I've been trying to learn how to use Crunchessor for sidechain ducking, but either I'm not figuring it out or else it's not meant to do what I want it to do.

I'm trying to produce a radio-type show, with spoken parts over a bed of music.  When the spoken parts sound, I want the music volume to decrease.  I can mostly do this, but Cruchessor is doing more than I want it to.  It's also working as a compressor on the music - based on the volume of the music itself.

When I increase the Drive, I want it to be for the sidechain only - but it's also increasing the drive of the music.  In effect, I can't get the spoken parts to duck the music without the music being pumped up enough to distort.

Are there separate controls for the drive of the main inputs and the sidechain inputs?  Is this the wrong tool for the job?

You are right about this inconvenience - the side-chain signal's level is adjusted together with the input signal level.  I will consider adding an additional gain control to the "Key filter" editor.

Thanks, Aleksey!
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