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Forums     Plugins     Crunchessor How "transparent" is Crunchessor?


Would you say Crunchessor is a "transparent" compressor (whem Mode = CLEAN, and Style = NEUTRAL)?

I understand that "transparency" can mean different things one person to another.  So what I think I'm trying to ask is: When, at what settings, does coloring/shaping kick in with Crunchessor?

At Clean/Neutral Crunchessor is quite "transparent" in that it does not add any special harmonic coloration.

Thanks, Aleksey!

OK, another, somewhat related question...  I'm jumping on one foot to the next about whether I should get only Crunchessor AND/OR Deft Compressor.  Even though I understand that technically they are different, what would you say is the biggest difference between the two?

Crunchessor is more geared for in-track processing while Deft compressor can be also used on mixes.  However, Crunchessor offers a different, more characterful, sound to Deft.  I suggest you to try both on the same project - if in your opinion you can get the sound you want with a single compressor, choose a single one, otherwise choose both.
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