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what is the concept of this filter?- to control its behaviour.

is it a kind of multiband compresion when 3 filters are in use-is it possible to compress different frequencies separately with control of ammount?

and how to save presets?

Key filter adjust the "weight" of frequencies - how differently they are compressed to each other.  It is in no way a "multiband" compression.

so...- i found key filter is a kind of multiband comp! i spent hours to realize how it works.

so if you want to preserv some frequencys from compression you should set center frequency and width in octaws around and push gain in "-"

from now this frequency will be maximezed due to saturation effect in proportion with overall comp level while other frequencys will be compressed.

and you should push gain to "+" for overcompression of selected frecuency.

am i right!?

it would be nice to add passband filter. and ability to save presets!

thank you!

this tool definitely better then deft comp

Yes, you are right with your deduction.

Future Deft compressor version will be reworked and will feature key filter, too.

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