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For some reason Crunchessor makes stereo signals into mono ones in energyXT 2.5.  Crunchessor works fine in Tracktion 3 and Cubase 4 so it must be energyXT, but other compressors work and pass a stereo signal.

I've had a look and IN1 goes to A, IN2 goes to B and A and B go to the first and second outputs.  It's the same routing in the other hosts and reselecting the Stereo routing preset doesn't change it.

Any ideas?



Oh, I'll post over on the energyXT forum too and let you know if I hear anything.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that turning the plugin off doesn't cure the mono-ized signal, only removing it does.

Last thing, Varisaturator is the same.

It's a problem in energyXT for sure.  All latest plug-ins support multi-channel configurations - this may be something which energyXT does not handle well.

Thanks for the reply.  Apparently when there are more than two inputs eXT only uses the first one, if the first one is set as stereo it will use it as stereo, but otherwise it just use one mono.

There is a workaround which is to connect the inputs and outputs within an instance of eXT 1.4 VST and use that as an insert on stereo channels.

No worries.

OK, glad this problem is resolvable.
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