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Forums     Plugins     Crunchessor crunchessor and logic pro 7 ????


i got this plugin not to long ago and i got a problem when i want to open it in logic pro 7 -

when i insert the crunchessor and press play - no sound coming,but when i press the bypass baton the sound coming back.....????

this is append only in logic pro 7 (my main daw is logic pro 7), when i use it with logic pro 8 and peak 4 with my G5\G4 macs its working just fain.

my set up is:

G5 dual 2.7Ghz , 4GB memory , OSX 10.4.10

powerbook G4 1.67Ghz , 2GB memory , OSX 10.4.11

logic pro 7.1.1

logic pro 8.0.2

peak 4

crunchessor v2.2


Please update to the latest version 2.4 - this issue has been fixed already.
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