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I almost feel too dumb too ask, but I cant figure out how to set up the output.

I´m using Logic 7 on MBP OS X 10.5.4 Intel Core 2 Duo

I see signal going in and out but I cant hear it.

Dont know the problem all other Plugs work perfect, its probably very simple.

Please help.

Thank you!

best regards


Please choose the "Sidechain" source.  This is an issue with Logic 7 which mutes plug-in if side-chain source was not selected.  This works fine in Logic 8, for example.

mmh...thx for the quick respond!  I heard you are well known for a good support.

To your solution:

But that would mean I cant use the crunch on the sum right?

Or am I just not getting the idea?

What means "cant use the crunch on the sum"?

...ah sorry ...

I mean to "use the crunchessor on the "sum", compress all audio in the end, like the mainoutput, but since the Output dont have a send, i have to route it different.

Well a lil bit complicated but I figured out another way.

I just updated to Logic Pro 8, I wanted to do that for a long time, so the "crunchessor matter" was the final push. :-)

Thanx, now everything works perfect!  Good Tool!


OK, thanks for the information!  Congratulations on your update.

Please note that this problem was addressed in v2.3 update - now you do not need to select a special side-chain signal source.
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