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1st of all I love your products.  Bought 5 already and they have replaced my main BIG ones by a long shot.  Looking for a good compressor to pick up today.  What's the difference between the Crunchessor and Marquis?  Is the Crunch just a scaled down version of the Maruis?  These products are extremely musical and superior to anything I have ever used.  I will eventually end up buying the whole !!!

the Marquis is a monster of a compressor and has alot of scope to it and has a huge amount of scope for changing the sound and behaviour of the compressor.

The Crunchessor is more of a general purpose track compressor and I use it all the time, however, you cannot specify things like Ratio - it's automatic, but for what it does it's excellent and sounds great.

Download Reacomp from Cockos if you want more transparent compression with the ability to change ratio etc, and buy Crunchessor for the character it imparts as it does sound great.

that would be my advice :)

(I hardly ever use marquis although it's great, it's too CPU hungry for me and is almost too versatile with too much to think about)

Kind regards

Dave Rich

The differences are large - they are two completely different compressors.

Thanks for the replies guys.  Yes Aleksey, the differences are indeed huge so I went ahead and purchased both items.  I'm Loving the Marquie for my drum mixes and the Crunchessor is just flat out great as a track compressor and sidechain.  Very colorful indeed.  My hats off to you for your very wonderful products my friend !!!!

Thanks for your response and purchase!

Crunchessor is a valve compressor emulation.

Marquis is a more standard compressor with standard settings but it is also for used to emulate various styles of compressors.

Crunchessor is easier to learn and tweak (you will have to unlearn the ratio and threshold concepts though).  I love it as a final compressor on vocals and just dialing in a little gain reduction.

Marquis is probably for more precision.  I would think you can better control your signal better with the Marquis.

also another important difference is crunchessor is available on Mac ;)

Kind regards

Dave Rich

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