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If v2 is just using the v1 algorithms, albeit a little tweaked,- I have to say that I'm amazed how much difference there is when using crunchessor v2 - and that the gui is splendid.

It's much easier to load up and get the sound I want, crunchessor 1 was kinda alien to me - I really don't know why but v2 is just soooo much better and feels like a compressor.  Crunchessor 1 just didn't feel like a friendly tool that was going to do good things.  V2 definitely does.

Great stuff, and my new go-to compressor.

Kind regards

Dave RIch

Thank you very much for your response!  Hope other updates will deliver alike "usage lightness" feel.

Where have you been, Dave?  We miss you on the Sonar forum.

I'm using reaper now,- have been for a while,

You can find me on the reaper forums :)

Kind regards

Dave Rich

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