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I just bought (updated) Cruchessor 2 and after trying it for a half hour I am impressed.  Key Filter and Dry Mix (parallel compression) are worth the update alone.  Congratulations on another exceptionally fine compressor not to mention, an excellent value.  Nice GUI too.  What is the equal "mode " to Crunchessor 1 Valve 1 setting?  Valve Med S?

Thanks for your comment.  Valve1 is roughly equal to Valve Soft S/F, but since I've did internal redesign, they may not be fully equal.

Thanks Aleksey.  Been using V2 for the past two hours on Drums, Bass EGuitars and it has excellent versatility/variability.  No problems with Cubase 4.12.  I'll try with Wavelab 6 later.  How about CPU useage vs.  V1?

CPU usage is roughly the same (at least at 512 or higher samples audiocard block size), but no more than 10% higher (e.g.  3.3% instead of 3% load on a given CPU).  It's very good, actually, since V2 may engage more processing stages (e.g. bypass, selectable oversampling, mid/side encoding, multi-channel capability) - and this all takes some "sleep" overhead when not engaged.

Crunchessor V2 is really great !

Hand in hand with the UAD/Neve 88 Channel Strip the best universal & "everyday" compressor I know.

Parallel compression also works nicely.  On the Marquis I often found it difficult to set it up the right way.  Here it is very effective and easy.

Thanks for your feedback!
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