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Is the new Crunchessor plugin of the newest VST variety (supporting easy side chaining in Cubase 4.1 amongst others) ?


That would be cool.

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Well, I'm open to idea of VST3 implementation, but this won't happen anywhere soon.

Any ideas why?  Does it demand a full rewrite?

I certainly hope the VST3 standard will be featured more in future plugins (Voxengo & others).

Thanks for the reply :)

It does not require full rewrite of the whole plug-in, but it demands full rewrite of VST support which can be tedious due to its "new" status - I'm not familiar with its "quirks" so this may lead to bugs - this is what stops me from implementing VST3 support immediately.  At first I want to get most plug-ins working at VST2.4, and then try to get VST3 working.  I simply do not want to deal with a potential "show-stopper" at the moment.

I fully understand.  Thanks for the quick replies!

Good day to you :)

hi aleksey

any progress on vst3?

I am completely confused by the side chain routing ,i hope with the introduction of vst3 this will become as easy to do as it is with the Cubase plugs that are vst3 compatible.

Looking forward to using Crunch properly,it is really very versatile and is adding to a better sound in my productions.

Thanx careyj.

No progress on VST3.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience with the side-chaining in Cubase 4, but it's not the only host out there, and VST3 is STILL not supported by any other major host beside Cubase 4.

ok,but we are talking about Cubase5 now.Its a general overview if you like too ,as 64 bits will also become the norm ,certainly with Windows7.

I,m just trying to figure out what will work later on ,or what needs to be upgraded .


As far as I know, VST2.4 support won't be removed from Cubase in a foreseeable future.  VST2.4 is of course win64-compatible, so I do not see any serious compatibility problem here - all Voxengo plug-ins will eventually become 64-bit.
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