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can you plz make a Stereo Version of the Sample Delay.

Alot ex Logic User´s a looking for that.


It is really nice to make things wide (Stereo) :-) 1-6 Samples on just one side can do alot !

RespEct for your Work !

Kai Tracid

Have you tried Audio Delay?  Should work better for stereo effects.

Hi Alexksey,

no i didnt.

1 ms = ? sampels

A lot of ex Logic users looking for the simple Logic Plugins for VST.

I am sure if u just make a copy of the Logic Stereo Sample Delay u will have a lot of downloads.

just make it as simple as u can!

Only 2 faders Sample Delay

1 Fader for L

1 Fader for R


1ms = 44 samples (at 44.1kHz)

So i have to search again for a Stereo Sample Delay. :-(

Kai, I do not understand why Voxengo Audio Delay does not fit your needs - it is a simple stereo delay with sub-millisecond resolution.  It should work for your needs in my opinion.

There are 1000 milliseconds in a second.  Samples as milliseconds can be calculated like this:

X = 1000 * samples / sampling rate

Example 1: you want a delay of 2447 samples, and your sampling rate is 44.1kHz, i.e.  44100 samples per second.

1000 * 2447 / 44100 = 55.4875

You set a delay of 55.4875 milliseconds.

Example 2: you want a delay of 123 samples, and your sampling rate is 192kHz, i.e.  192000 samples per second.

1000 * 123 / 192000 = 0.640625

You set a delay of 0.640625 milliseconds.

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