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A newer version of free SPAN is available.

SPAN is a real-time FFT spectrum analyzer PC VST plug-in.  For the most part it was derived from GlissEQ and CurveEQ professional equalizers and it reproduces their spectrum analysis functionality.

Version 1.3 adds the following functionality:

1.  Frequency range selection implemented.

2. dB range selection implemented.

3.  Peak hold implemented.

Thank you for keeping this very useful tool up to date and for the new features !

A quick fix is available - fixes A/B button hangup (version stays the same):

Hello Aleksey,

i was not expecting this features in a "free" release!

It's simply the best analyzer I know.

Thank you very much!!!


How about a new bundle policy?

So far I purchased the GlissEQ and Convolution Suite.

On my wishlist are HarmoniEQ, Voxformer and Crunchessor.

It would be nice, to have something like a bundle discount, linked to a specific pricerange:

just an example:

50-100$ = 10%

100-150$ = 15%

150-200$ = 20%

or something like:

1 plugin = full price

2 plugins = 10% off

3 plugins = ...

no matter what plugins.


1 plugin = full price

2 plugins = x% off the cheaper plugin

3 plugins = ...

vanielik, I do have plans to implement this kind of discount system.  I also had plans to offer permanent discount which depends on previous purchases.  I do not have a planned date for this, though.

The discount depending on previous purchases sounds sweet.  I just noticed that I have seven of your products. ;)
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