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YF, I now think there should be hiss as the speakers' amplifier working at its full all the time (and there are two of them for each speaker).  That's not a problem for me anymore.

Oh you have them at full?  I keep the volume horizontal, aka 1/4 of the way but still when I put it at full I really have to bring my ear right to the speaker (5cm or so) to hear any hiss.  Anyways, if it don't bother you then I guess it's fine :)

Hi Aleksey,

If You don't mind, I'll add my 2 cents ...

It seems pretty obvious, that Your levels are not set correctly.

As bmanic said, the Genelecs levels are too high.

You should reduce them, till the hiss is nearly inaudible.

Then You should have a look at Your soundcard settings and Your cables.


As far as I remember, the 9632 lets you set the general output level, in 3 steps, in the driver.

Choose the one with the highest output.  Then set the listening level in the mixer.

BTW.: the Presonus Central Station is a unit to control all listening levels in a virtual Studio environment, that has no hardware mixer.

I.e. : it will give You a big Master Volume knob, to control Your listening level.

There are also cheaper solutions, with less 'bells and whistles'.  If You're interested, please ask ...


A wrong unballanced cable can reduce the level, coming from Your card, by 6 db.

I strongly recommend a ballanced conection.

Otherwise, You need to make sure, that the cold lead ( mostly a blue wire ) is connected to the shield / ground.


You already made the experience, that the Genelecs are EXTREMELY analytic.

I always warn, to use such equipment, as it does not reflcect the way, an average consumer is listening, to music.

Such speakers surely have their advantages, but they must be used carefully.

Otherwise, Your upcoming effects might not have enough 'effect' ;) !

bye, Jan

Jan, I've considered most of the options, but since Genelec 8040 APM has no wide gain adjustment (only -6 dB at most), there is no way to reduce the hiss to unaudible level.

Once again, hiss is available without cables connected.

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