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Hi I'm new here.

I like the free delay tools very much, but I'm missing a version that delays audio in ticks related to the host tempo.  So when I change bpm the delay should follow the change.  This would be good for samples they don't have the right start position.  I use FLStudio and sometimes synchronisation is a bit tricky in the play list.

But thanks for your good work with all the other tools :-)

Regards Michael

How that can make things easier?  Have you tried using BPM calculation programs of some kind?

I think, when I have propperly delayed a sample or audio (samples or ms) in a track and change bpm later the delay doesn't fit and have to correct it again.  So if there would be a bpm based delay that would do it automatically.  Hope you understand me now :-)


Yes, I understand, but isn't this a little difficult to get things right?  I mean, I think FLStudio should have other means of synchronizing your tracks.  Actually, I'm not keen on adding a feature which won't be used after all.  I can understand BPM sync in a tap delay, but audio stream delay is a different thing.  Probably you should try some BPM-syncable tap delay without feedback.  This should do the trick for you.

Sure, it's just an idea :-)

Meanwhile i have another setup with my Creamware boards and have no latency in the routing at all.  In my former setup I had to delay some inputs of the FLS mixer because it doesn't compensate latency automatically.

Regards Michael

That's good to hear you don't experience that problem anymore.
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