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Hi Aleksey,

There's an initial buzz surrounding the development of AAMS, an automated system that is intended to characterize your audio and advise you as to some settings that would help it according to some references you provide.  An intelligent wizard of sorts I think.

Anyway down the road it might be possible for this tool to actually make some adjustments itself, for my consideration, assuming it understood the internal structure of the preset template for the plugin I'd like it to adjust.

Do you have a standard template or data stucture for your presets across your product line that you would allow other developers to interface using?  In this case it would be to build a preset for a particular plugin - like CurveEQ or Elephant (hehe that's pretty easy to set by hand).

Thanks !

You may ask AAMS's author to contact me about this.

OK - thanks Aleksey.  I've contacted the AAMS developer and told him how to reach you via the support address you publish over on KVR sometimes.

Hopefully he will contact you regarding plans, interfaces, dependencies, deliverables that might be open for discussion - developer type stuff in other words.  It would be interesting to see Voxengo hook in to a different type of plugin management or mastering system like this - I think!

OK, he contacted me already.  Let's see if something useful can be done.

Ok - Thanks for looking into this!  Maybe it's the right time for such a convergence - sooner or later I think! :)
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