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Campaign through January 7 to January 14, 2005.

Voxengo & Kjaerhus Audio are pleased to offer a strong plugin bundle, consisting of the Voxengo Crunchessor, and Kjaerhus Audio’s Golden Peak-Pressor.  Both of these tools have become very popular for their ease of use and great (yet very different) sounds.  With the “Warm Colors Bundle”, you get two top-notch versatile compression and peak limiting plugins.  They will enhance your sound in a warm and pleasant way.

The campaign price is only $69.00, saving you more than 40% off the regular price for both products, which is $117.95.  This campaign will run one week only, from January 7 to January 14, 2005.  This is a one-time offer to warm up your music during this cold time of year.  Don’t miss out on this deal. ;)

You can read all about the campaign here:

With kind regards,

Voxengo and Kjaerhus Audio

I have been trying the combination of Crunchessor at the beginning of a track insert chain and 14 day tryout Peak-Pressor at the end of the chain with good results.  I was hoping there would be people on this forum talking about this bundle to help me decide wether to buy the Peak-Pressor at the discounted price.  Does anyone have any comments?  I also tried the same chain with Sinus peak compressor with similarily good results but I am leaning towards Peak-Pressor which is very versatile.  The Cruchessor is awesome on its own and the Peak-Pressor is a nice companion.

I was surprised that this bundle came out.  Is this a sign of future collaborations between Voxengo and Kjaerhus Audio?

comments anyone??


I was about to consider getting PeakPressor since it seemed like a nice tool and I already have Crunchessor; however, I got sucked in into the PSP Nitro & VintageWarmer group buys.  Couldn't pass them up for $69 each.

jimz, I'll see what this collaboration brings.
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