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Transmodder version 1.1 is now available.  Transmodder is a transient-driven filtering system in PC VST plug-in format.  Transmodder could also be called a transient modification system, since it allows the user to modify the audio material by means of dynamic filtering--in accordance with the transient content of the signal--delivering spectacular sonic pronunciation and definition.

This update fixes various minor issues.  Interface screen has been rearranged.  Mouse wheel can be now used to adjust filter's bandwidth on the graphical display.  Plug-in now posseses a processing quality setting (Normal, High, Auto).

This version also features a transient analyzer mode switch.  It allows you to switch from the default 'manual' to the 'auto' mode which offers you an automatic tuning for most analyzer controls thus making plug-in tuning an easier task.

Transmodder features:

  • Four transient analyzers
  • Five dynamic filters
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Transient detection meters
  • Mid/side channel processing
  • High quality mode
  • Factory presets
  • "A-to-B" comparisons
  • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing
  • All sample rates supported
  • 64-bit internal precision
  • Native assembler DSP code

Transmodder is available for purchase on-line for USD 79.95.  For more information and downloads please visit the Voxengo web site:

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