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Well, don't know how much time Aleksey wants to spend on this ...

Here are some more ideas :

A good solution for the samples/msec issue would be an additional readout in msec.

I.e. a second ( small ) display that shows the delay time in msec,

while the delay setting is done by adjusting the samples.

( btw: the corse/fine controls are a great idea ! )

If we want to go further, the delay could also add a 'distance to time calculator'.

This already exists ( even involving 'temperature' !! ) :

RS Exact Delay

http:\\ ( look under 'Free VST Plugins' )

But it is not working in SX ( delaytimes are not stored )

Also, it doesn't offer Sample settings.

bye, Jan

I'll implement a stereo delayer with partial ms resolution then.  I do not plan to add any other features.

You should include a barometer, thermometer and hygrometer, than the plugin can do the conversion to cm as well ....


The delay (shift) plugin with two independant channel settings in samples is a good tool for making experimental things with audio....

I understand that you may not want to do that because PHA plugin does almost the same, just not set in samples.... and it is commercial.

But many people are asking for this thing...

We've been already told of AnalogX sample delay.  This directX plugin features separate sample delay (audio signal shift) for both right and left channel, but it is not functional in most realtime processing applications, such as sequencers.... also it is not VST....

So here is the point of out interest.  A good TOOL produced by the real specialist. just for people sake

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