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A couple of new freeware plug-ins have been released.

Sample Delay

Sample Delay is an auxiliary plug-in which allows you to delay audio for a specified amount of samples.


Beeper is an auxiliary plug-in which you can use to insert short beeps to the program material.  This may help you to protect your work from stealing.  It is safe to apply this plug-in to any mission-critical material because plug-in does not perform any processing on the audio between beeps.

Direct download links:

Nice One!

Sample Delay in particular is going to be massively useful as I have a series of Bass Cab impulses that sound superb, but need a 128 sample delay inserted.

The Beeper will be great on Client approval discs for our DVD-A titles too.

It will render the disc useless for manufacturing purposes but serve perfectly for getting client approval on navugational issues etc.

PS - When do you ever actually sleep??

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Thanks for the comment!

Hi Aleksey - could you possibly do a stereo version of sample delay - so that a different delay can be set for left and right - I currently use AnalogX's SampleSlide, but your interface is great - being able to easily spin through single, tens, or hundreds of samples is really useful (but it has to be stereo for it to be an AnalogX replacement for me).  Sorry for being demanding over a freebie ;)

Why would you want to have separate controls?

Stereo sample delay would be quite appreciated for sure!

Separate controls for each channel in stereo is nice to experiment with the Haas effect.  I used to use the sample delay in logic audio a lot for this.  The Haas effect is inside 20ms or so but I personally find it most interesting around 1-3ms which is only like 60-100 samples..


Why would you want to have separate controls?
For instance, if I have a close-miked mono tom track and a spaced mic stereo overhead track, I can turn the tom track into a stereo track and align the left tom track with the left overhead and the right tom track with the right overhead.  As long as you're not too bothered about mono compatibility this can be an interesting effect -- you can use the spot mics to control balance whilst not damaging the time-of-arrival stereo info you get from AB miking.

I guess a separate milliseconds stereo delay plug-in would be better?  Why would you want to specify delay in samples?

I like the concept you've introduced with this plugin where you have a coarse control and a fine control - use the coarse to get to the right area and then the fine to get it spot on.  Milliseconds would be fine as a coarse level (about 1 foot distance), but sample resolution would be needed to nail it.  I have no problem with the way it is now though - 100 samples is about two feet, 10 samples is about three inches, I don't see why 1 millisecond (one foot) would be an improvement, though maybe it's easier to visualise (particularly if you're using different sample rates).  I'm rambling...
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