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Several Voxengo PC VST plug-ins were updated.  No new functions were implemented beside output clipping indicators.  These are maintenance fixes mainly which should resolve some minor issues found so far.  Please note the updated user manuals - they contain more information now.

Here are the quick download links for your convenience:

Voxengo Crunchessor VST 1.3:

Voxengo Elephant VST 2.2:

Voxengo Lampthruster VST 2.1:

Voxengo Warmifier VST 1.4:


Aleksey Vaneev

Thanks for the clipping updates Aleksey - I have to look into this some more but right off the bat it seems that I set my gain structure in my effects chains is too hot - I'm clipping.  Thanx for the great tools!

You are welcome!


thank you very much for including a clip indication.  It would be even better if there would be an in- and output-meter to be able to adjust levels. because now you know when you are clipping but if you had meters one could slowly bring the level up or down to the desired value. any chance to see this?

best, drjee

I will try to get such metering implemented for the next season (somewhere in Q1-Q2'2005) as I'm planning to move to multi-platform software development tools (to support Mac and more plug-in formats).  This way it will be easier to implement new features which I never planned to implement before.

that's good new. great!

Macintosh support would be fantastic!  I'm using a PC because of two things, I can't afford a G5 right now and your plugins aren't available on Mac.  I would be thrilled to be able to get a Mac as my DAW and use the PC as a sampler only.  Any ideas that when this could actually happen?

I'm planning to get Mac support working after Q2'2005 hopefully.  It's hard to tell right now.
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