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Polysquasher already introduces 1024 samples latency.  It is not look-ahead latency, though.

A neutral and smooth look-ahead compressor would be a very useful plugin to me - something that could tame dynamics while introducing as little colouration to the material as possible.

I guess Polysquasher is close to your needs then.

Yes, I should experiment with Polysquasher.

I agree.. the demo of polysquasher never ceases to amaze me.  I guess I still need to buy this plugin someday.  I didn't buy it yet as I got the sonalksis compressor which can be fairly "transparent" too but Polysquasher definately has it's own distinct and pleasant character (I like mode 2 on most material).

Concerning the discussion about automating Polysquasher Knee and Dry controls.  I've taken this way over-complicated procedure to it's logical conclusion and here's what I've found.  The simpliest and fastest method to solve the problems I described earlier already exists.  It's called Redunoise, Soniformer, Polysquasher and SPAN.  Trying to get Polysquasher to do everything isn't a very good approach I don't think.

The best input I could give to the wishlist is just to keep on inventing cool things Aleksey - and everyone keep on posting uses, tips and even before/after examples on the forum here.

My problem with a vocal track having too many bumps and much dynamic range to fit in a mix because of on/off axis mic movement and proximity creating peaks is easily solved.  Watching SPAN I get the peak rms for the problem vocal passage.  Set Soniformer to peak detection and threshold at the peak rms value SPAN has given me.  Using fast attack (2ms) and fast release (20ms) Soniformer 'limits' the peaks and spikes but using a 'compression' ratio of 5:1 the vocal doesn't sound harsh or over-compressed at all but the bumps have been smoothed out (there's still lots of dynamics left though).  Since Soniformer is multi-band that really adds to the smoothness.  Next inserting Polysquasher I can watch SPAN and compress the track as much as I like to make it fit in to the mix - a lot of commercial mixes have vocal dynamic range of 10dB or less, so using Polysquasher to squish the vocal within that dynamic range is very transparent.

Another serious track I had was with an acoustic guitar that had been recorded with low resonances that never seemed to dampen until many measures later.  Using Redunoise Learn to get a noise-print of the problem passages (they were literally everywhere) and then exaggerating the resonant peaks on the threshold curve (since the Learn feature is averaging) allowed me to puul those resonances completely out.  Then following the same process for the vocal track I could finish smoothing (Soniformer) and Squishing (Polysquasher) the acoustic guitar to make it any size I needed to fit into the mix.

Anyway - all that seems simplier that trying to automate a bunch of curves and tring to use one plugin to solve a multitude of problems.  Better to break the problem down into smaller problems and fix them one at a time using the proper tool - hehe, nothing new there!  This is the view from my home studio looks like my input would just be for applications of existing plugin then - maybe possibly to help with some details to the instructions & manuals.  Manuals and application tips are important to me anyway.  Take Care - Kyle

Kyle, thank you for these explanations.

Actually, this is exactly my point of view - tools should be as atomic as possible.  Then the user should combine them to get the desired results.  To my knowledge this is the only way for a professional user.

ok my wish list for aleksey

1) Auto Pitch shifter - simple enough concept - no discription required ;)

2) an upsampler host plug. - I would like a plug which would host other vst plugs and automatically Upsample the input to 192 or 96khz, then downsample the output back to the native rate.  This would allow us to use EQs/verbs at a higher quality without having to have the entire project running hi-res.

By the way, someone mentioned a stereo widener, personally I find soniformer brilliant for this task.

Kind regards

Dave Rich.

I was thinking about possible pitch-shifter implementation, but this is still out of my reach.

Upsampler/downsampler plug-in is a nice thing to have.  However, as I'm not planning to deal with plug-in hosting myself, this solution may not appear from Voxengo anywhere soon.

would it be possible to do it without hosting the plugin? using 2 samplerate converter plugs,- one before and one after the target plug?

I've no idea if plugins work in such a linear fashion that you could get away with that or not?

Kind regards

Dave RIch.

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