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I know, just another plugin suite has been released, but exactly that makes me very confident that the genious of Aleksey will be able to do the following in the not-too-far furture:

1. a multiband (maybe 3-band?) harmonic exciter:

yes, warmifier, lampthruster and the new tape sim are exciters but I want something else.  The latter try to do analog medelling. but I want Aleksey to be even more creativeand to think of excitation based on something completely new and revolutionry and i know he can do ;-)

2. a dedicated stereo widener

yes, phase can do something similar but I want a dedicated stereo widener in voxengo quality.

3. a de-esser

yes, there is one in voxformer but a separate tool would be better which allows for more control (especially the ability to preview the filtered signal is needed). or maybe, you just improve that part of voxformer?

4. a gate

5. an voxengo "master" vst plugin

here, master does not refer to mastering, but I imagine a kind of "patch bay" ie

a) be able load all voxengo plugins into it

b) define fx chain

c) mute and solo every fx

d) globally store all setting

well, so far not very revolutionary, some hots can do that but this really is:

e) just downsample once from 64 bits to original bit depth so secure best audio quality

I am sure many users would like this. lets start discussing.

best, drjee

Most of these 'plug-in ideas' were mentioned on these forums already.  I'm considering implementing them when time and purpose permits.  Thank you for your interest!

no need to hurry, take your time, I mean you just released a whole bundle. thanks for taking care.

As for the dedicated stereo widener, take a serious look at Soniformer 2.  Now that you can turn off the compressor section you get a very good Stereo control tool out of it!  I use it all the time!



What about negative delay?That would be great.

Now,if you use plugs that gives you latency you have to put sample delay each track.With "negative delay" you could "pull back"only the tracks with the plug ins.

If there is someone who could do it well,its you!!


I'm thinking Time Travel...there's a coupla things I'd probably do differently :)

Happy Holiday's Everyone!

I'm still hoping Aleksey is preparing a killer metering plugin :)

1/.  More Multichannel plugs for definite.  Especially EQ/Compressors

2/.  Metering - implementing full K-System.

3/.  Click and crackle removal to complement ReduNoise.

4/.  A Surround Panner that would include rotation as well as the usual options

5/.  Centre Channel extractors/removers not based on MS processing as this will always produce a mono output for the S, and the M component is always L + R which is not the same as purely centre panned material.

6/.  Extra emulations for TapeBuss. (revox, otari) as well as a speed selection ranging from 3-7/8, 7.5, 15 and 30ips.

7/.  Stereo imaging?  Not fanatical about this as there is already the freeware version.  However, some form of 3D imaging could be good, something along the lines of the Q-Sound range of tools perhaps.

I will try to think of other wanted items.

But for me - Surround, Surround and then after Surround perhaps some Multichannel??

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Yes - I'm with Neil (Hi Neil !!)

Just bought Curve EQ and Elephant - and love them to bits.. a 5.1 version of these two that worked in Wavelab & SX would be awesome.

Good news here is that Aleksey has already promised us Multichannel versions of these two.

Elephant is going to happen first, and in Curve EQ it may well be Version 3 that is "The Puppy".

I just keep prodding away though, and the more votes the merrier!!

Glad to see you here, Tony.

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

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