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Lampthruster has finally reached v2.0.  Pretty much has been changed in its internals, so it is advised to try this beta with caution.

Update list is:

1.  Complete rewrite of the user interface.

2.  Minor issues fixed.

3.  FXP/FXB preset manager implemented.

4.  Performance optimizations implemented.

5.  Additional low- and high-shelf filters added.

Please note if you wish to roll back to the previous v1.1, presets you create with v2.0 are not backwards compatible, however v2.0 should load any previous version presets correctly.

If you have any comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to write.  Thank you!

Nice to see Lampthruster being updated as part of the "family" look and feel.  Perhaps things could be taken further by giving a more graphical presentation like GlissEQ.  The Eq could be normal EQ curves, FR as a solid region "floor curve" and the thrust as some kind of overlay.  Might be visually interesting and give us the spectral points to grab and move that are such a great feature of your other plug-ins.  A visual indication of the harmonics levels might be interestin too but how that looks I'm not sure !

I personally prefere the none graphical EQ for quick and dirty shaping without graphic distraction.  The GUI overall is marvellous IMO.

Would it be possible to make the noise (FR) section funktion with a smooth gate so that it's only on when audio passes trough lamptruster at a certain threshold?  This would make it easier when using multiple lampthrusters in an arrangement when heavy use of the FR is needed (example: several synth bass and lead parts benefit from the noise but I'd like it to cut out when the synth stops playing trough lampthruster).

- bManic

James, graphical display is a planned feature for the future version.

bManic, I'm not sure such built-in gating is necessary.  You can use an external gate to remove the excessive noise.

Yep, that's true and would work just fine I guess.  It just takes an extra plugin slot and is a slight hassle.  Just thought that now that you already have the code in voxformer maybe slap it on lampthruster.  Anyhow, it was just an idea, nothing serious :) .



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