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I can use the console version of r8brain to convert only the bitrate, but not the gui version.  It insists that I change the samplerate.

I only want to change 32bit files to 24bit.

I know this is freeware, so I can't complain, but I wonder if this is a bug, or if perhapse I am doing something wrong converting only the bitrate.

Also, the quality setting on the console version seems to go from 1 to 4, is the higher number better?

Why I have disabled this in GUI version is because r8brain cannot do bit-depth conversion only.  In fact the console version performs resampling while it changes bit depth.  I'm sorry, but this behaviour cannot be changed.  However, I do plan to produce a professional sample rate converter in the future which will feature a dedicated bit-depth conversion.

Well thanks for a free tool.  I will continue testing this tool, for bitrate conversion, since at the time being it is within my price range. :-)

It sounded good on the 32 bit audio tracks I tried it on.

I guess I will buy the professional sample rate converter when you do produce it.

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