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Please reserve a copy for me ! :)

I'm on a road trip now but will be back in the home studio later on this month to try it out !

Hi Aleksey,

Just did a short test.

... and I like it !

It will take some time to figure out all the possibilities ...

When I tried to use it as an DeEsser, it seemed, that the filter

was not fast enough, sometimes.

I.e.: it had some problems, to reduce the attack of 't's.

bye, Jan

BTW.: No info about the 'Crunchessor' ?!

I really like that one, too !

When will it be available ??

Price ??

Jan, Transmodder should not be generally used as a de-esser - it can be used only as an 'S-smoothing' process.  To reduce 't's I guess Transmodder should be fine-tuned - it can be true that swift 't's generate a very low-power transient envelope.  But some things will be changed in the next Transmodder version - probably that will add some more precision.

Maybe I should remove the 'de-esser' preset at all, so that it does not confuse anyone.

I'll release Crunchessor tomorrow.

Aleksey, I knew that it's not meant to be a DeEsser.

But I think it can (sometimes) do a better job, than a standard DeEsser.

Building something similar to an DeEsser, was just the first thing I tried.

( I did not use any presets )

It sounded very nice, but with loud and sharp 't's, it seemed a bit 'late',

so that the very first part of the attack was not reduced.

Hmmm ... maybe there was some low frequency content ...

A wish :

It would be nice, to have more filter types in the Filter part.

I think You should keep Your DeEsser preset and rename it to something like 'S-Smoother'

Looking forward to the next version ...

bye, Jan

It's been my experience that de-essing is a very difficult problem to eliminate using software tools and outboard de-essing.  These devices reduce the effect but never seem to solve this problem completely.  They can also effect the sonic character of your vocal as well.

Once I figured out it was the microphone that was causeing 95% of the problem I got another and the problem was solved.

I was using a Rode NT1000 which I found to be very hyped in the upper mid range and high end.  Now I carefully look at the mic plot before I buy it.

Hi Robert,

DeEssing is really a difficult thing and a good mic is surely important.

But it also depends on the singer.  Some really have nasty 'S's ...

To get a good sounding DeEssing, you would need a narrow band detection,

focussing on the most prominent S-frequencies ( let's say 8k - 10k )

and a broad band reduction, as the 'S's mostly consist of a wider frequency range,

with lower level ( let's say 3k - 12k )

The only plug that can do this, atm, is the db-audioware DeEsser.

But it has a few drawbacks.

Sadly, Aleksey has no plans, for coding THE perfect DeEsser ...


bye, Jan

I have uploaded v1.0b alpha of Transmodder - it took more time than I thought at first.  I also had to reposition the product - it is now a 'transient-driven filtering system'.  The previous definition was not precise enough.

The new 'Sense' parameter adjusts the sensitivity of the analyzer: e.g. if the sensitivity is higher, there will be small peaks appearing here and there.  When the sensitivity is low, only high-power 'stable' transients will be detected.

Please note the 'Graph' switch - it helps a lot in both finding the appropriate frequencies for the analyzer and tuning the filters.

I've posted v1.0c which contains everything I wanted to implement.  Filter and analyzer elements were finally refined.  Should sound better and expensive.

Hello Aleksey !

I´ve tried the Transmodder on tracks where I normally used Lampthruster

or Warmifier.  It seems that I can make different things sounding more

"analog" without loosing definition.  It´s a very interesting Plug-In !

Maybe you think that I`m crazy when I say that I could have some more

Transient-Detectors with more Filters. . . . . would this be much to complex ?

It is very interesting to manipulate the "attack" of a frequency-group controlled by the transients of another frequency group.  Yesterday I´ve tried a mastering chain with a Transmodder in the beginning and another one before the last ( Elephant - Limiter ).  Wow !

When will you release it ?

Many greetings

I'm glad to hear it worked well for you.  Probably, you could chain two Transmodders to get more control over the sound.

I'm going to release it later this day (maybe tomorrow).

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