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I have designed a new plug-in called Transmodder which is aimed at transient shaping.  This plug-in features up to 4 transient analyzers and up to 5 filters driven by up to 2 analyzers each.

The concept of transient shaping is known, however the approach I'm offering is pretty new as far as I'm concerned.

In short, transient analyzer detect transients in the given spectral range and generates an envelope signal in the range 0 to 1.  Then this envelope is connected to filter's gain setting.  And so, when the envelope is at 1, filter runs at the specified Range setting.  When it is at 0 no adjustments take place.  The good thing about the filter I've used is that it works in a full bypass mode when envelope stays at 0 (no coloring takes place).

I have not compiled user's manual yet since I really want to hear some comments so that I can understand which things are hard to understand instantly.

Ideas are also welcome!  Really hope this thing proves to be useful. (Don't forget to check the presets out!)


I think we need a picture here to tell us the story of what is happening.  It might be a signal flow picture but I think it needs to show the spectrum somehow.

I'm not sure how to make this one really work for me.  It feels like I have a multiband compressor with all the insides opened up !  I can't begin to think about what an analyzer at one frequency driving a filter at another freqenct is going to do - it makes my brain hurt.

Help on the controls please- the most confusing are (top to bottom) scale (does this change function with the filter mode ?, Time = Attack ?, Threshold = %age of peak ?, Range ?  Tell us some more about the idea behind this one, this is the furthest from a hardware reference we have seen so far ??

Actually, I have already described of the way it works.

Generally, control signal flows from the analyzer to the filter.  Analyzer analyzes the input signal while filter filters it.

Have you tried the presets?  The most evident purpose of this plug-in is to make bass end and high end stand out.  This effect is very different from compressor/expander because it 'sees' transients, only.  So, if you have a cymbal sound, only its very beginning will be 'seen' by the plug-in.  Its body will be left unchanged for the most part.  As you know, compressor/expander will also adjust the body.

Moreover, transient detection does not depend on the incoming sound level, so there is no such thing as 'threshold'.

'Time' adjusts the minimal interval between the transients.  For higher frequencies time should be smaller, for lower frequencies it should be higher or otherwise transient detection may become smeared.  A very important thing is to choose an appropriate 'Mode' - the most useful one is 'Band-pass' analyzing - with its help it is possible to precisely detect transients in particular spectral parts.

Range is a maximum gain a filter can reach when the transient is detected.

By the way, I believe it is possible to implement such device in pure analog hardware - actually, I have not used anything strictly digital like linear-phase filters or look-ahead analysis.

Thanks for your questions!

Hi Aleksey - Transmodder looks very interesting so far.

I have to adjust my hearing to hear thru the demo silences every 15 sec or so - it's pretty distracting, argh hehe !@#!  I'm sure I'll be getting this one to complement Soniformer2 and GlissEQ2 if the price is reasonable - I assume it will be since everything else is.  I'll pay now if I can get rid of those silences. :)

Seperate detectors and filters at the user interface are very nice and db-audioware de-esser as well as Cool Edit/Audition Dynamics processor use this as well as others I'm sure so it may look scary at first but the basic idea is really cool.  Tnasmodder has taken this to a new level of course with the possibility of multiple analyzers assigned to the same filter as well as assigning analyzers to up to 5 filters in the same Transmodder instance.  And none of my tools have an overlay button - if it's doing what I think it is.  Nice.

A couple of questions on v1.0a alpha:

What is the 'Threshhold' knob for in the analyzers section, what are its' increments - dB or what?

Also what does 'scale' do and what are it's increments ?

I like the listen and overlay buttons to help tune the detector, very nice.  With overlay I'm listening to the output of the detector - on/off in its' range between 0 & 1 ?  I wonder if you would be able to allow the user to change the volume level of the overlay to -1dB or -2dB it's a little loud for me sometimes - depends on the song.

Transmodder seems very good for my tool box !  Very nice.

Thanks!  Threshold cuts all transient events which are lower than threshold.  But before this comparison a Scale is applied - this is a simple multiplier.

Indeed, overlay allows you to hear the output envelope of the analyzer.  I'll add a global option to lower its volume.

Hi Aleksey,

Yep, this seems to be a very interesting plugin ( again ) !

Will test soon !

Currently I'm using the Waves TransX, which is great,

but lacks some detailed control, especially in the multiband version.

bye, Jan

I tried out the Transmodder and I'm liken' it very much so far. (But this is the honeymoon period!)

I've got a decent mic, preamp, convertor chain and although I'm getting respectable results using CurveEQ as my compressor and GlissEQ as my eq, I'm still not getting that "shiney" sound you hear on professional recordings.  Transmodder is adding that shine that I have been trying to get using CurveEQ and GlissEQ.  These two plugs get me closer to a mastered sound but that are not taking me all the way there.

This I believe can be a super plug-in if it can really make my mix "come alive".  I assume this is a main mix mastering tool?  Also please add a bypass button.  Also, please give more time before the sound drops out.

If this plugin can create truely alive mixes that can make home recorded tracks stand next to professional mastered audio, you'll have a big winner.

Thanks for the comments..  There are some more features are going to be available in the next version.

Indeed, this plug-in can make mixes 'come alive' with that additional definition coming from transient modification.


When do you think you'll have Transmodder available for sale?


In two weeks I think.
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