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An updated version of r8brain is available.  Functionally, this version is equal to the previous one.  This newer version fixes batch mode checkbox display bug and also features console sample rate converter.

Hello Aleksey,

I want implement your r8b.dll in a application, developed with Delphi 5.  But the procedure r8b_execute makes any problems.

I dont understand the parameter Callback.  Is this a procedure of your dll?  You wrote in the API-Manual, "Callback is the address of the callback procedure".

It will be very helpfuly, if you give me a explanation.


Callback is an address/name of *your* procedure which gets called by r8b.dll from time to time to report conversion progress.

This procedure should be declared with the "cdecl;" calling convention.


procedure MyCallback (Position, Max: LongInt; p: Pointer); cdecl;




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