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Elephant v2.0a beta has been posted:

It is a very early beta, so please be cautious when using it.

Everything has been rewritten from the scratch, and only the actual limiting code has been left unchanged.  As with the other Voxengo products, v2.0 is a free upgrade to the existing users of Elephant mastering limiter.

Here is a full change list:

1.  Complete rewrite of the user interface and program internals.  This newer version does not support previous version's presets and so its DLL is named VoxengoElephant2.DLL allowing you to use previous version's DLLs, too, thus simplifying migration.  Also Normal and High Quality DLL version differences became obsolete.

2.  Minor issues fixed.

3.  FXP/FXB preset manager implemented.

4.  DC filter type selector added.

5.  Noise-shaped dithering implemented.

6.  Peak RMS and clip count statistics implemented.

7.  A new "EL-2" limiting mode implemented.  This mode features a true brickwall limiting performance.

8.  Stereo linking now became a switch, not a mode.

9.  Oversampling switch added.  Now you can enable up to 4x oversampling.

By the way, oversampling code uses shared code from Pristine Space.  So, you may evaluate the actual quality of the convolution code I'm using in both plug-ins (actually, in PHA-979 too).  This is a kind of an answer to the questions about the quality of Pristine Space's convolution.

Comments are highly appreciated!  Thanks!

Wowowowowo!  The new EL-2 algorithm is fantastic!  Now elephant finally goes as loud as L2, not sure if this is a good thing tho :-).

I love the overall sound of elephant at x4 oversampling and stereolink off.  It gives a very nice 'spread' and depth to music (especially dance tracks).



Thanks a lot, Aleksey!  Soniformer2 and now this.  NOW who is going to want to buy my WAVES Mastering Bundle??  I think you are the reason WAVES charges $150 to transfer ownership of their plugs.  They see lost sales in the horizon...

Very nice work.  Remarkable.  Thank you.


No help file in beta 2.0?

Yes, no help file, sorry.  But it will appear soon.

Pre-release beta v2.0b of Elephant has been posted.

It includes presets and the help file, 'Auto' option for oversampling, steeper DC filters, +3dB counters correction and a peak gain reduction counter.

Thank you for your attention and feedback!

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