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"SPAN is a real-time FFT spectrum analyzer PC VST plug-in.  For the most part it was derived from GlissEQ and CurveEQ professional equalizers and it reproduces their spectrum analysis functionality."

I had several enquiries if I could release a free spectrum analyzer, and so I've come up with SPAN.  Hope it will be useful to somebody.  SPAN should be very gentle on the CPU, and it does not eat CPU cycles when the plug-in window is closed.

Thanks Aleksey !

That is great !  Your analyzers have always been among the best, available !

This brings up another big wish, I ( and many many other SX / Nuendo users ) had for years !!

A plugin shell or rack.

I.e.: a plugin, that can load a number of different other plugins.

So you could have a complete plugin setup ( Comp, EQ, XX, Analyzer ) with one or two clicks.

And it would only need one plugin slot ( we have only 6 prefader inserts in SX / Nuendo ... )

And it would help, to copy complex plugin setups, from a channel, to offline processing.

There are a few solutions available ( most popular : Vicent Burrels FX-Rack ),

but all of them lack certain functions.

Some of the needed features :

- Can load VST and DX plugins

- Plugin order can be rearranged.

- Can restore window positions of the loaded plugins.

- etc.

If You think, that this is an interesting challenge, I would contact You, via E-Mail.

bye, Jan

But 'rack' plug-ins are already being offered.  For example, Chainer.  It's pretty hard to offer something definitely better here.

One thought is that since your plugs all work at 64bit internally, that if the mastering plugs could be chained somehow, then you would be able to keep the signal at 64 bit within the mastering chain.  Whether or not this would make any audible difference is, of course, an entirely different matter.


all of them have several limitations and all off them need too many extra actions, to get started.

Chainer has this huge GUI ...

I would like a rack, that is nearly invisible to the user.

For example : when opening the rack it should open the GUIs of the loaded plugins without any further action, from the user.

The rack itself, should have a very small GUI, with only a few buttons.

One of these buttons may open a big setup window, to choose the plugins, switch them on/off, rearrange them, etc.

Another one of these buttons would load the presets.

( Your standard option to store a default setup, would be a great and unique feature, here )

IMO there are quite some things, that can be improved ...

Andrew's idea to have a 64bit shell, for Your plugins, is also interesting !

bye, Jan

OK.  Possibly, this is a nice idea, to have a dedicated Voxengo rack.  At least, I cannot think about a universal plug-in rack right now, because it would require to write a bug-less VST/DX host which is a tough task to do.

Hi there, here is my wish list for this idea of an anylizer.


1.  Skin mode, or Snapshot mode - a guide for getting levels of your mix.

2.  Real time ballistics with no fall time and no averaging at all.  Period.  Like the fastest ballistics in your curve eq plugin version 1.9c - after that your fastest time was still slow.  This helps to 'see' sound, like kick drums. eg.  In Span a kik pattern of 8th notes reads louder than the same kik with 4th notes.

3.  Also a static peak line/Curve to be displayed similtaneusly with any fast modes.  This would save swithing views all the time.

4.  The scale of the graph should read lower volumes. extra 6db or more.


5.  What about the 1/6th, 1/3rd etc. specturm types? they a use full for knowing the average energy of a sound not just peak freqencies. like how loud does a sine wave seem compared to a rich harmonic wave.

6.  The ability to monitor differnt tracks on the same graph like with Gliss?  Kind of cute but not sure if it's actually usefull.  What do others think?


7.  I've had an idea for a dynamic spectrum anylizer for some time.  Instead of showing one line with the choice of averaging.  A color spectrum would show hot spots in the level of any frequency. with this you could measure frequencies that were not dynamic (muddy) and eq them out.  You could see freqencies that pump or Rock, not just the loudest frequencies.

Pboy, thanks for those ideas.  These won't be featured in SPAN I think, but I may include these in the upcoming versions of GlissEQ and CurveEQ.  SPAN is not only a free plug-in, it helps me to track down bugs and to research possible ways of improvement.

OK Aleksey,

I see the problem ...

So I can only hope, that Steinberg will improve their Insert Slots, some fine day ...

Regarding Span :

One thing I noticed, is that the frequency curve is a bit flickering ( i.e.: not moving smoothly ).

It looks like it uses another algo, than Curve EQ ?

Or is it caused by the missing 'inertia' parameter ?

Would it be a big effort, to get the CurveEQ redraw quality, in Span ?

( I have to add, that my 20" LCD runs in an interpolated 1024x768 resolution.

But again, Curve EQ has the very best and smoothest curve redraw, I've ever seen. )

bye, Jan

PBOY - that's a very intersting dynamic spectrum analyzer idea you have there !
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