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CurveEQ beta is available.  Changes so far:

1.  Minor issues fixed.

2.  Implemented "mid-side" filtering mode which allows you to equalize mid or side channels independently of each other.  The according switch is now located on the place where the filter design method selector was previously located.

3.  FXP/FXB preset manager implemented.  It is available on the help screen.

4.  Kernel precision setting added.

5.  Spectrum capture tool added to the set of tools.  You may invoke it using the spectrum file options menu.  The capture tool allows you to acquire spectrums from uncompressed WAV files in a maximally efficient manner.

Beta 2.0f can be downloaded at


Hi Aleksey,

Does this version also offer independent L/R filtering ??

bye, Jan

No, this feature won't appear in v2.0.  You should chain two CurveEQ instances.

Hello Aleksey,

Any chance to see the name of the captured spectrum in the display (very usefull when it is a previous stored one).

And please "mouse wheel command" for the other lovely plugins ;-)

Thank you very much.


Name display won't appear in this version.  As for mouse wheel, its support will appear soon in all plug-ins.  For example, GlissEQ v2.1c beta already supports it (you may even control knobs with it).

The mid-side mode i really fantastic.  I have used it to "stabilize" a closemiked jazzpiano and a 2 channel choir recording with to much mid mud.



Johan Blomé

JazzArt SWeden

Yep - this is gonna be big for us repair guys !  Wait till it hits Soniformer2 :)
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