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GlissEQ 2.1 is now being developed.

Change Log so far:

1.  A denormal bug which happened when the high-shelf filter was used fixed.

2.  Now bandwidth of both the low-pass and high-pass filters can be adjusted.  Please note that presets created with the previous version of GlissEQ will be automatically adjusted so that they have the bandwidth setting compatible with the previous version.

3. "Mute" switches added for each filter.

4.  Now you can hold the Shift key to enable a four times more precise movement of the control points.

5.  Dyn mode 0 implemented.  In this mode the dynamic behavior of the filter is completely disabled.

6.  Filter type switching with the right mouse button now allows selection of the low-pass and high-pass filters.

7.  Now mouse wheel can be used to control knobs and to adjust the bandwidth of the filters on the control surface.  Before the mouse wheel starts to work you should click the user interface window anywhere (so that GlissEQ window gains focus).

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