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A new vocal channel strip PC VST plug-ins has entered its beta development stage.  Voxformer is a plug-in which will hopefully cover all your vocal processing needs.  Its compressors were tuned for vocals and that is why this plug-in is called 'vocal channel strip'.  By the way, only a single 'compression' knob is used for tuning the compressor.  It's that easy while proving to give very useful results in most cases (even for guitars).  Those who already use GlissEQ 2 may find Voxformer's equalizer section easy to use, too.  You may press the '?' sign to see the signal flow diagram.

Please note that this is a beta version which can be potentially unstable.  Voxformer beta can be downloaded at

Thank you for your support!

Hi Aleksey,

Any chance, to get more controll, for the comp ??

Attack and release are creative instruments, when designing a voval sound.

Does it have a tuneable DeEsser ??

Does it use GlissEQ's dynamic functions ??

It looks like Voxformer is intended as a simple, 'easy to use' plugin.

I think, You could fill a market gap, with a 'full featured' version,

which gives the user as much controll, as a chain of specialized plugs,

but without the hassle of numerous GUIs !

...  OK, that's just, what I would like to have ... ;-)

bye, Jan

Such 'extended' functionality is not considered right now.  I believe enough offers in 'compressor' range of products are there already.  De-esser is pretty flexible, but it was tuned for vocals.

Dynamic EQ is not included, because I do not want to confuse anybody.  Voxformer and GlissEQ will be different products.

I've put Voxformer beta v1.0b on

Now Compressor B can be switched into serial mode (X-Over knob turned hard right).

Presence module is now more smooth.

Added Gate.

Now you can hear how different blocks work.

Please note that EQ display was changed, too.  Now you can select low-pass and high-pass filters (using the right mouse button), use mouse wheel to change bandwidth and Shift key to make finer adjustments.

I believe audio code should be more efficient now.

Wow!  Now the presence thing works very well and the gate is very nice.  I guess I have to get this one too. :)

No bugs found yet.. (10mins of fooling around)


One thing you could add is the ability to A/B a single EQ band by holding a modifier key and right clicking on it.  This would turn it OFF and then clicking again would turn it back to whatever it was before.

bmanic, I don't think such a/b'ing feature would be useful.  You may adjust the gain - it will tell you what is the difference.

I made 'listen output' more obvious so that tuning becomes easier.

I've also updated de-esser.  It should work more precisely now.

Updated v1.0d is available now.

Aleksey Vaneev wrote:

Now Compressor B can be switched into serial mode (X-Over knob turned >hard right).
What is the point of it?


Vitaly, that's just an additional option.  This mode can be useful I think.

Serial compressing is very effective for vocals.  Blockfish 'complex' mode works like this.  Voxformer is shaping up to be a real killer plugin!

Cheers Aleksey!


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