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I just found that Delay knob doesn't have any effect on the Right channel of the same slot.  If I link the slot to itself then everything is correct.

Thanks, Vitaly.  This may help to track down the bug quicker.

1.1o has fixed the problem -- I've emailed you the .fxb as well.

I have a feature request: I collected a whole bunch of "real world" impulse responses on Saturday, with multiple impulse locations (single stereo mic position).  This means that the direct spikes of the impulse responses, when used fully wet, pan the signal left or right (as expected).  I'm using these impulse responses as track inserts -- a different response for each performer -- now I want to add in some dry (unconvolved) signal, but I have no way of getting the pan position of the dry signal to match that of the convolved audio.  If I set the pan of the signal going into each PS then this skews the output of PS, same if I pan the signal coming out of PS, the only way round this is to set up an aux bus for each and every instance of PS, not convenient.

So, what I would like is a pan control for the dry output in PS -- this dry pan affects only the non-convolved portion of the signal it does not affect the audio which goes into, or comes out of the convolution process.

Hello Aleksey,

already working with v1.1n.

No Problems so far!

Asus P4G8x, P4 2,67GHz, WinXP

I've uploaded v1.1p.  Linking lists now don't show the current slot.

Vitaly, I don't seem to understand why Delay linking is not working for you.  Could you send me preset you can't get to work?

Andrew, why don't you use the 'Dry' knobs for this?  I guess, panning of the dry input signal can be panned by means of these knobs.

Andrew, why don't you use the 'Dry' knobs for this?  I guess,
panning of the dry input signal can be panned by means of these
Of course, I hadn't thought of that way of doing it, that's a perfect solution.

Aeklsey, check your e-mails, I've sent them.



You can achive it by Volume's ENV, easily.  Leave ENV for a 'direct' spike as it is (i.e.  0db) and drop it down streight after (e.g. -6db).  The last ENV's point must be on the same level i.e. -6db.  Now, if you move that horizontal line up/down, we will adjust dir/wet signal and a pan posicion of the direct signal will always stay the same.



Thanks for the tip Vitaly.  In this case I had actually wanted to include a genuine dry (unconvolved) signal in addition to the initial spikes, because the "colour" of the initial spikes, in the impulse responses I was using, is a somewhat dominating, and so needs to be tempered with some unconvolved dry signal.

I understand, you can fix it, as well.  Open your IR in any editor (e.g.  WaveLab), find the beginning of 'dry' spikes and it's amplitude.  Mute them(get silence) till the place where IR starts and draw the two new single spikes instead of 'old' ones.  Just make sure they have the same volume and time position.  Thus, you can get 'uncoloured' dry signal.  Why I suggest you to go this way just because even such a small latency as 1.5ms will give you strong combi filter effect if you mix 'unconvolved' dry signal to 'convolved' one, plus a possible fault in pan position.
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