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Hi Aleksey,

I was going to suggest a generic preset, just a starting point really - that is all parameters would have 1/3 octave control points already set maybe set at the ISO center freq.

I tried making one but discover that I can set a maximum of 14 control points besides the 2 initial points for a total of 16 control points.  In that case I could make a 2/3 octave setting or thereabouts.  Maybe that would be a good preset...then the curve for each parameter (threshold, attack, release, etc) could be adjusted to taste.

I guess I'd only use that many control points on the threshold probably anyway. hehe I'm already done.  I just used every other center freq from the 31band chart:


31 ISO Standard, 1/3 octave bands per channel from 20 Hz to 20 kHz


20 25 31.5 40 50 63 80 100 125 160

200 250 315 400 500 630 800 1k 1.25k 1.6k

2k 2.5k 3.15k 4k 5k 6.3k 8k 10k 12.5k 16k


Kyle, I'll change the attenuate/amplificate behaviour of the Threshold envelope.  As for 'ISO preset', I don't think it is very suitable here.  Soniformer is not an equalizer, and its eq features are not really precise.

Hi Kylen,

That's funny, I tried to do exactly the same thing yesterday !

Also ended up with 14 points maximum ...

Can this be increased ??

bye, Jan

No, I'm sorry.  Why would you like to have more than 16 points in a real situation?

Hi Jan - I'm still experimenting with the points.  Last night set up my max 16 points (14 actually are user configurable) and for the piece I was working on it needed some general smoothing but also I had to push down the fundamental of the guitar and vocals as well as 2 harmonics of each (otherwise known as a bad mix!).  Anyway my threshold 'curve' ended up looking like the jagged teeth of a 'jack-o-lantern' but what really started to catch my ears is when I did this to the attack and release curves somewhat - things began to sound very very transparent when threshold, attack, and release were adjusted correctly (even though the curves were very jagged.

As far as the number of points goes Aleksey - I noticed this:

For 2 seperate instruments, with 3 resonant peaks a piece to manage (Fund & 2 noticable harmonics) and each individual 'peak' takes 3 control points to define that would cost me 18 points.  However since the resonances are close enough and I'm thinking the resolution of Soniformer2 might be such that I can get away with it - I can usually use 2 points to define a peak and share the next control point with the next peak - thus the jagged teeth analogy.  So thats 12 points to control 2 instruments in the lo-mid and hi-mid ranges.  If I had a bass resonance or treble peak I needed to control then I think I could use a couple of more points...

This is too much fun ! :)

Hey Aleksey, how about one more button: "Send File To Voxengo For Remix."


hehe - good addon feature John ($65/week forever) :)

Ha ha ha... :-)

I guess we almost had this thread at 100 posts ! hehe Lots of cool brainstorming here - you don't usually get this level of interaction with a software company and the general public !  Thanks Aleksey - I like your design & production methods.
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