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Hi Kylen,

I haven't used Curve EQ much yet but I'm presuming it has many more bands and the curves are obviously very flexible so i'ts not quite the same.  I want to know what Aleksey has to say about this.  It's simply that I want to be able to shift bands individually easily which is not so easy with the straight envelope lines.

Thanks Ryan - I just wanted to see if I understood what you guys meant, hehe sometimes it's hard over the internet and I like following along. :)

Voxengo is a pretty unique company - it's the only company I know of that considers as many customer requests, implements a large degree of them and does it very fast and accurately !

You're right about CurveEQ - it has 2048 (?) potential 'bands' you could set a control point for although I've never used more than 60 at any one time - I don't know what the max number of control points is.

Jan, I don't see the problems you've mentioned (width env switch, 4db gain).  Reduction you see is an RMS value and so if you see a very small values this means reduction in average is very small.  Please, send the preset you are having problems with to

Ryan, I already answered.  Right now I don't plan to add sliders to Soniformer.  As Jan said, 'version 3, maybe'.

Hmm....  Aleksey...  I just thought of something...  Maybe its time you'd implement midi learn for your vsts so it'd be possible to control them from the remote midi controller ?

Why to tweak knobs with the mouse when we bought a midi controller to do the job.

Anyway, once you learn how to do it for a single VST you could easy do it in all your future VSTs.  Thanks in advanced


Level drop :

- did You test on a mono track ?

I will do some thorough testing, today ...

Width Env switch :

- Here, the CPU usage goes up, when the Width Env switch shows 'Off' (2.0g).

In earlier versions, the CPU usage goes up when it shows 'ON' ( which makes more sence to me )

Haven't tried the function itself, as I'm still busy working on two mixes, with Soniformer on mono tracks.

Reduction metering ( Gains )

- Well, think I misunderstood ...  You and Kylen where talking about the Spectrum display and not about the Gains display.

In general :

- Is the complete behavior controlled by the plugin .dll, or is there anything stored in the registry, or in another file ??

I renamed the 2.0d version, to be able use it along with the newer versions.

bye, Jan

Jan, I cannot reporduce the bug you are talking about.  I've tried Soniformer in WaveLab on a mono track.  Signal level is not that affected when everything stays in the reset state.  Width Env is still a mystery for me since I suppose it works as expected.  You may rename the DLL as you wish.

Scripter, I'll keep this MIDI idea on my mind.  Currently I don't plan to work with VST instruments and so I have not even considered this feature.  I'll implement this maybe when I get some outboard MIDI controller board myself.


OK Aleksey.  I was just messing with Photoshop.  As kylen says we appreciate the time you spend considering what customers want.  I know the programming must consume a huge amount of time.

MIDI learn would be cool but we can get around this.

As Jan mentioned the TC 24 band Graphic EQ has a great way of editing the bands unless there are so many like curve EQ then it's too much to do this way and curve EQ is fine as is.  If you look at this TC plugin Kylen you'll see what we mean.  It takes seconds to set up the bands any way you want.  However for sound this plugin doesn't do anything particularly special so I won't be using it.


Just installed Soniformer 2.0h ... and .... everything works flawless, again !

Level is OK, Width switch works as it should ...

So, there are only two minor things left :

- Gain Points can not be adjusted to 0 db, here ( only -0,1 / +0,1 ).

A modifier like Ctrl + RightClick would help.

- The setting of the Overlay Envelope is not stored.

It's set to a fixed envelope, but resets itself to 'none' on reload of the song.

bye, Jan

Thanks, Jan.  As for 0dB gain, you may hold the ALT key.  This way you can get to 0.0 dB.  But fine, I will also add the CTRL+left click to reset any point to the default position (0 dB in the case of Out Gain envelope).  I'll make the Overlay Envelope storing also.

Hi Aleksey - v2.0h is sounding very good - I'm gonna burn a hole in my speaker cones...hehe

The attenuate arrows for 'Threshold' seem to be making the calculation based on the gain indication on the left side (Monitoring = Gains) instead of the Threshold values on the right (0 thru -50dB).  At any rate If I set a threshold slope with 2 points - the lower freq point at -13dB and the higher freq point at -29dB then hit the attenuate arrow the slope begins to rotate instead of attenuate in the desired manner.

The other settings like attack, release, etc. seem to behave as expected concerning the attenuate-increase arrows..

PS.  Nice work on the manual and presets so far too!

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