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Hi Aleksey,

I didn't actually mean for the envelopes to be viewed all at once except when using an overlay one.  I just showed all these in the graphics as an example of how they could be coloured.  I did send through a couple of other graphics ideas for the editing windows which I thought were better or at least more interesting to look at than my previous example.  One was a reworked Pristine Space.  If any of these ideas are of any use to you I can send the full layered file allowing you to edit it in any way you want.  There is a black layer which actually provides the clearest view but as Jan mentioned the black I suppose can seem a bit too dark so I tried to liven up the graphics a bit more with some slight lighting colours.

I think it would be nice to have the light coloured brushed effect all over but from a funtional point of view I think the envelope window should be dark because this would allow a good colour scheme for the envelope lines.  It could also be lighter but I tried this and it didn't work very well.

I realize other things will consume a lot more of your time than messing with the graphics but it can help to draw attention to your plugins if you get this looking cool.  I think some of your other graphics are very nice e.g.  Lampthruster but I realize you are trying to unify things so the plugins all have a recognizable style.  As you will obviously know this is all part of marketing the products.  I think the new look is great I'm just making suggestions as to how I'd like the envelope window to be on plugins of this nature but of course I'll still be buying more of your plugins no matter what they look like.

Version 2.0g is available.  It now has all preset slots filled, spectrum 'bug' fixed.  Also I've made in/out spectrum colors more definitive.


Just another note.

I would prefer that Soniformer didn't actually use straight envelope lines but that each of the bands had seperate editing e.g you grab a horizontal line on each band and move this.  You could have editing that allowed one mouse click to create a start point then a release to create the end point of a smooth line.  I would prefer this way because then extreme uneven settings could be quickly acheived.  I like to tweak plugins in extreme ways like this because interesting and unusual results can be achieved.  Certainly the new Soniformer is a massive step forward in this respect but I like editing that easily opens up all the extreme possibilities of a plugin.  I find the envelope editing on Soniformer a little fiddly for these purposes.

I haven't actually bought Soniformer yet since I just bought the Convolution Suite but soon I'll be buying some more Voxengo.



Shouldn't there be 3 modes ??

Stereo to Stereo, Mono to Stereo AND Mono to Mono i.e.: single channel ???

Or should Mono to Stereo mode serve as single channel mode and reduce CPU load ?

If yes, there might be something wrong with Soniformer or SX2, as I don't seem to get a difference in CPU usage,

when using Soniformer on a Stereo or Mono track ...

I know Soniformer should be used for Mastering, but it does a real good job on a Bass Guitar, too !!

If there would be any chance, to have a real mono processing, with slightly reduced CPU usage, that would be great !!

bye, Jan

...  I promise, this was my last post on this issue ;)


I just suggested something similar, to get more detailed controll.

A good example is the TC 24 band Graphic EQ.  It offers a very good way to do both detailed and coarse editing :

You have 24 bars, that can be adjusted individually AND You can draw a freehand curve with the right mouse button.

Something like this would be great for Soniformer, but I guess that would need a lot of rewritten code ...

That's why I said it would be a nice option, for Soniformer 3 ...

bye, Jan

Hi Aleksey,

Great, the new spectrum colours are perfect and it's nice to have all those presets to play with.  Once again from a purely graphics point though notice that the dotted lines behind the spectrum are uneven and look a little untidy hence why I made them straight lines.  I hope you don't mind my suggestions or criticisms in these minor areas about the graphics ( I'm an artist so I notice all these things).  If I didn't think these plugins were fantastic I wouldn't leave any messages here.  This forum is actually a massive advert for the quality of your products.  I want them to look great in every detail.  I use Logic Audio so I'm used to the fantastic track modulation editing.  It also looks very clear and beautiful.  The editing lines are one pixel wide because this makes things nice and sharp and clear.  You can overlay loads of modulation lines on a track and still see which one is what from the colour coding.  The lines overlayed become a darker shade to emphasize the current one being edited but you can still discern what they are.  I'm just giving you some hints here, now that you have introduced a few graphical editing capabilities because this requires more detailed GUI rather than just having a a knob to turn.


Short report on 2.0g

- Width button seems to work the wrong way around.

- Gain points still can't be set to 0db

- thanks for 9:1 ratio, but with the corrected spectrum display it could be 30:1

bye, Jan

Yes Jan,

I didn't see your message.  This is exactly what I'd love to have in Soniformer.  Then we really would have total control.  I'd like to know what you think about this Aleksey.  Would this be loads of extra work to create?  To my mind this truly would make Soniformer the ultimate.

Some more probs with 2.0g :

- Overall Out Gain seems to be dropped by 4 or 5 db.

- Reduction shows very low values, whith short release times ( around 10msec )

After readjusting the release, the reduction meters show comparable values as before in 2.0f.

bye, Jan

Jan and Ryan - Are you guys asking for 32 fixed 1/3 octave wide control bars ?  And a bar is defined as 2 adjacent control points connected visually with a straight line.

Or are you asking that for default operation, for any number of control points, that touching any bar always automatically selects the control points on either side of the bar so it may be dragged up or down (or sideways a bit)?

The control points currently seem to be the same interface CurveEQ uses, yes ?  To select a bar (2 points) you have to 'wrap' or 'lasso' them first just like you would to select more of the shape (multiple bars).

If that's what you're asking for then I would like it to be switched - classic point interface or bar interface.  Depending on the final usable control width of any band or sub-band (1/3 octave or less ?).

PS Aleksey - Thanks for the spectrum fix - I'll check it out soon (still boxing up things for the move).  Isn't the UI fun ?  Pretty challanging - some corporations even have usability groups paid big bucks just to study such things - I'm not saying you need that here but for every user you can get lots of cool interface ideas that can either be useful or costly or better or worse.  One thing that can be pretty important (hehe my opinion) is the common thread - or standard that the interface presents to the user for similiar tasks throughout your fine product line.

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