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I've worked with the 2.0d version today.

Thanks for the Overlay Env switch and the changed Gains, Attack and Release resolution !!

All perfect now :)


something seems to have changed, regarding the Ratio and/or Band Crossovers.

I tried Soniformer on a real bass.

2.0c was able to reduce a single band by 4 db.

Only this one band was reduced.

2.0d ( with corrected Attack/Release settings ) reduced the same band with the same signal, by 2,5 db.

Other bands were reduced, too.

Ratio was set to max, both times.  Fluffy was On.  Changing the Threshold doesn't help.

It looks like a lowered Ratio, or like a lowered Band Separation.

If this is intended, it would be a step backwards, to me.

( You know, I voted for even higher Ratio settings, to do more drastic / surgical tasks )

Hope You can bring the 2.0c behavior back ( maybe switchable ... )

GREAT work !!

bye, Jan

"Quote by Jan - Other bands were reduced, too."

I tested a narrow band reduction setting on an early Soniformer2 version too but adjacent bands were unaffected - I like that functionality...sounds like a wrench in the works hopefully easy to fix.

Yes, right, I made it this way to quickly move any point.  Otherwise you
will need to click the surface to deselect all points.
You can hold the Shift key to preserve selection.
I would prefer it to not do this because now I'm forced to use a keyboard modifier to move a pair of grouped points left and right.  The elegance of the design as you were implementing it (vertical moves when dragging envelopes, horizontal when dragging points) was that there was no need for keyboard modifiers.

Hallo Aleksey !

Now stereo-widening allows to do fantastic things ( 2.0e ) !

But why can`t I push for example three selected points up and down ?



Version 2.0f is available.  Andrew, I've followed your suggestion and now ,when two points were selected, the selection won't be lost.

Also, you may consider two presets I've included so far.

Ralf, you can move points up/down by dragging the envelope (not the point).

Hope you like the updated design.  To me it is much clearer now.

Thanks Aleksey.  Sometimes envelopes forget their shape for no apparent reason -- try creating a couple of points on a new envelope, change the height of one of them then drag all the way to the bottom (or top) then back out -- sometimes the shape sticks, sometimes it doesn't, seems a bit random.  I'm going away for the weekend, so I won't be able to test for a couple of days.

Shape is preserved only while your are holding the mouse button.  After you end dragging the previous shape will be lost.  This is a normal situation since the operational envelope range is limited.

Of course.  Any chance of allowing envelopes to remember shape even after mouse has been released?

Jan - Oh I forgot I wasn't in Fluffy mode when I did my test concerning narrow band gain adjustment and adjacent bands.  This seemed OK to me - by definition Fluffy affects adjacent bands - yes ?


Yep, in general, I like the new colours.

I have to report a problem, though.

Most TFT / LCD displays have problems with darker colours.  They can't differentiate between semi dark and very dark.

So, here on my 20" TFT, the background is nearly black now :( ( ... the bright background was friendlier, somehow ... )

Also, IMHO, the Overlay Env. colour is too similar to the colour of the Edit Env.

Attack and Release Resolution is back to 2.0c implementation ??!!

Regarding my Ratio / Band Separation problem : It looks like it's caused by the Link parameter.

First thing I did, was to set 2.0c to Linked operation and store that as default.

With 2.0 d/f, I overlooked that it is set to Unlinked, by default.  Have to do some more testing ...

bye, Jan

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