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Hi Aleksey,

If I pay now for soni 1.x, will the upgrade to V2 be free?  Is the present alpha unlocked with the soni 1.x code?  Not much money here, but the low dollar might force me into a small invest....

Hello Aleksey !

I´ve done a "five minutes" quick test with the Soniformer 2.0d.

Great work !  And the idea with the widening is very useful !

But how does it works ?

With a setting of "200 ( %)" I cannot make the stereo-field wider,

and with a setting of "100 ( %) it seems the stereo-field is getting smaller.

So how can I alter the stereo-field ?  Or is this a parameter-bug ?



I've tried the "remembering" envelopes and they work great.  I would like to suggest that you take the best features of Soniformer's and Pristine Space's envelope handling and unify their behaviour: in PS dragging on a point (in a selected group) constrains horizontally (dragging the envelope constrains vertically) -- it would be nice to see this in Soniformer; in Soniformer when a group of points are selected, clicking on a section of envelope does not deselect the points which are beyond that section's boundaries, this is better than PS's behaviour; Soniformer envelopes remember their shape, PS's don't - I'd love to see this feature added to PS.

If you can unify the envelope handling in this way, I'll be in envelope heaven :-)

@ Klaus

Yes, I've just purchased Soniformer 1.2 ...

The 1.x key works for 2.0 as well !

bye, Jan

Ralf, it is indeed a 'bug'.  I've fixed it.

Klaus, yes, current version keys are supported by v2.0

Andrew, thanks for the idea.  Of course, I can translate Soniformer's envelope handling to Pristine Space.

Aleksey!  You are INSANE! ;-)

Sonfirmor is now, atleast for me, complete, perfect, the 5th element, the perfect plugin, the.. the...



I've updated Soniformer to v2.0e.  Now it incorporates all functionality and hopefully works well.  The last thing left is the updated user manual.  It will be ready for the release version.  Thank you all again for ideas, testing and suggestions!

Also, sorry for the misinformation about the CPU usage.  The newer v2 is considerbaly heavier on CPU than the previous version due to the increased functionality overall.

Just tried 2.0e -- if two points are selected clicking on a point deselects the other point.  If three or more are selected it works as expected (selection is not lost).

Yes, right, I made it this way to quickly move any point.  Otherwise you will need to click the surface to deselect all points.

You can hold the Shift key to preserve selection.

Wohoo!  Just got my creditcard today!  Finally! heh, bought the Soniformer & Elephant pack immediately.  My 2 most used plugins.  Gotta get warmifier and probably polysquasher too.

Now I can bugg you all the time about your plugins with a clear conscious ;-).



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