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I didn't mean in In Gain *envelope* just a *knob* to affect the overall level -- like there used to be in version 1.0.  It is easier to turn a knob, as opposed to sliding an envelope, when part of the envelope is at the top or bottom of the window, because it loses it's shape.  Alternatively perhaps you could get the envelope to "remember" its shape when part of it is dragged "beyond" the window and then dragged back "inside" -- hopefully you understand what I mean.

So, you think Soniformer should have both In and Out controls?  Or do you mean that the In control should not affect the sound volume?

I'll try to get the envelope 'remember' its shape.

Going back to the downward expander idea, it would be great if the unit could downward or upward expand at a threshold point, and then have a separate threshold for the compression, similar to Ozone's multiband compressor's implementation.

I would also like to see a way to simultaneously scale all the points of a curve up or down, or even invert it.  It would also be helpful to be able to copy the curve (or its inverse) from the "threshold" window to the "gain" window or to any other window.

You're very close to the "mother of all compressors"!

I was wrong about the In Gain in Soniformer 1.0, there wasn't one, I must have been thinking of Redunoise, sorry for the confusion.  I'm thinking of separate In and Out controls.  However, if you can get the envelopes to remember their shape then the In Gain is not so important.


just wanted to cheer you on this project!  Fabulous extraordinary work! :)



Jonas, could you provide that 'downward expander' logic?  I've never seen or done one before and so I'm wondering how it should work.  From what you post I assume you wish to have two threshold curves - one for downward expander and one for compressor?  Personally, I was thinking about a mode switch, something like "Mode: Normal/Downward".

Andrew, Soniformer will remember the envelope shape now.

Yes.  Essentially, the threshold for the downward expander could either serve as 32 band noise gate or gently push down dynamics (with it's own threshold and ratio controls) or as an upward expander for making the soft parts of the signal louder (which is the opposite of a compressor that make loud signals softer).

The threshold and ratio controls for the compressor would operate independently from the expander.

If you really want to get slick, you could also include a third set of controls for hard multiband limiting.

If you look at Ozone's muliband dynamics module, you'll get the idea pretty quickly.

Here's a typical use.  I occasionally master songs that have hiss and/or low level traffic rumble.  The expander thresholds are set to just above the level of the noises in the appropriate bands and are downward expanded.  Once the signal rises above that threshold (hopefully music), it goes thru relatively untouched.  Then the compressor operates on the signal that come thru (normal multiband compression).  If you added multiband limiting as a third stage......whew!

If you built that bomb you could take the whole world hostage!

Currently, to pull this off, I use two instances of the Waves LimMB (one as an downward expander and the other as a compressor) and their L2 for limiting.  I'd love it if I could pull it off using just one plug-in.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying it.

Jonas, after a bit of thought, I should say that I won't implement downward expander or additional limiter.  This goes far beyond the planned functionality.  I've added Stereo Linking and Mono Mix envelopes, though.  These are pretty new and useful features to my knowledge.

Version 2.0d beta is now available.
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