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I've updated Soniformer 2 and fixed all issues known so far.  It should be very gentle on the CPU, too.  Should be even faster than Soniformer 1.

Added the 'slope' control (a very useful thing, should be tuned first) and the 'gains' monitoring mode.  Now monitoring mode is also saved with the preset.  This required the change in the preset format, so you can't load presets you've made with the previous alpha version.  I'm really sorry for this.

Output spectrum now displays all changes made, including main out control.  This is useful for matching the in/out levels.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Aleksey, you rock!


YaHoo!!! (or google or alta whatever...) Just a week ago I posted a request along these lines, not knowing you were already working on this.  I'm going to download it asap.  I'm currently mastering a production of 10 songs which is due on the 1st of march.  So enough testing material!  Great to hear that the CPU usage has been reduced.  Thanx very much!


PS.  Yes indeed, Aleksey, you rock!

Fantastic !  Such a powerful tool now.

Thanks for the gain monitoring mode.  Could you explain the "view slope" control -- it seems to effect the actual processing rather than just the view?

"View slope" is interconnected with the threshold, too.  Otherwise it won't be possible to tune the threshold precisely.

So if I set it to -4.5, and then just drag down the threshold envelope, leaving it horizontal, then in actuality the threshold is really set at a slope of -4.5dB per 8ve?

Just noticed a typo in trhe gain meters: 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Another question.  Fluffy mode, I still don't really understand what this mode does, I can see that it doubles the gain reduction, but it does other things as well.  Thing is it is quite difficult to compare "fluffy" and "not-fluffy" because the gain reduction changes so much -- I wonder if it would be possible for the ratio of fluffy mode to be automatically reduced so that the two modes can be more easily compared, and behave in a more consistent manner?

Thanks for noticing the gain meter mistake.

Fluffy mode is simply a 'square of the gain' mode.  If you have 3dB of gain in the non-fluffy mode, you'll have 6dB in fluffy.

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