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I've just released a public alpha version of the new generation of Soniformer advanced mastering compressor.  You can download it and explore its possibilities now.  This version will be a free update to all existing registered users.

Soniformer 2 introduces a complete rewrite of the user interface.  This newer version does not support previous version's presets and so its DLL is named VoxengoSoniformer2.DLL allowing you to use previous version DLL, too, thus simplifying migration.

The main thing--the sound--of Soniformer remains the same.  Sample rates up to 192 kHz are supported now.

You can download Soniformer 2 at

Beside that you can download the updated v1.1d of Pristine Space (this version introduces minor rearrangements).

The interface is not really conducive to getting an imrpoved balance bet highs and lows.  Its almost like too many options leads to none.

Its also hard to remember all the parameters and having to switch back and forth between graphs, as opposed the older GUI.

Im gonna stick with ver 1.2.

I like it.  Yes, there are lots of options with all the curves that are now possible (a sort of parametric multiband) and it takes a little while to get your head around it.  You have to think a bit about what you are trying to achieve and not be tempted to fiddle with everything just because it is there.  Once I had had a play for a while I could get all sorts of profiles with my sounds and it started to become fun !  I'm sure some presets will help people to become comfortable with it.  A definite advance for me.

One small request.  A LITTLE more contrast for the colours between In and Out on the spectrum please.

At first, I felt like Stren, maybe too many options.  But, after playing with it, I agree with James: you have to think about what it is you want to achieve.  I'll have to put some more time into it, for sure.  So far, it sounds like good old Soniformer, with more control.

I also agree that there needs to be more contrast between in and out colors.  Maybe different colors altogether.

I did get some crackling and pops when I tried to use Soniformer2 with Warmifier (Mode 2, high quality) and ElephantHQ in WaveLab with 24 bit/44.1Hz wave files.  I know that may be a heavy load, but I normally don't have any problems.  Bypassing Warmifier eliminated all such noises.  Just thought I'd mention it.

I noticed too that CPU usage jumped from 25 to 44% with Soniformer2.


Early testing makes me feel this is the Soniformer I've always wanted - he he maximum control of the 32 band compressor/expander .  If you can work with Redunoise then the Soniformer2 interface will not be a problem.

Great job Aleksey !!!

Agree with above message.  Just what I wanted.  Another fantastic Voxengo release.  I also agree about the in and out colours.  More contrast maybe.  It's a bit of a CPU hog but never mind it's the sound I'm after.

Yes !  That`s it !  Good sound, maximum control in everything.

Hey Aleksey, do you think it is possible to add another parameter:

A very very short DELAY for each audio-band,

to change the phase in some frequencies.

I think some hardware audio enhancers are working this

way.  So don`t misunderstand me, I don`t want another

enhancer, but it would be nice to know what I can do with

all the other parameters and a short DELAY .

Maybe it is possible for me to make presets which are

sounding like analog-classical-compressors.

And what about a main-input-control ?  And maybe a Knee-parameter ?

Your on the right way !



I had to come here and congratulate you Aleksey.  Soniformer has turned into a real beast!!  It's magnifficent!



Thanks for all your comments!

BTW, delay of bands won't work good at all.  I've tried this and it does not seem to work good.

Also, main input control is not really necessary because you can select all points of the threshold envelope with the right mouse button and then drag any selected point to move the envelope up or down.


its really impressive!

i was mastering a production and tried the soniformer and i quickly changed the C4 to the soniformer.

But rendering in Nuendo 2.1 with the soniformer 2 caused some clicks.

anyway: CONGRATULATIONS! thats what i was waiting for.



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