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Aleksey Vaneev wrote:

BTW, there's more to come.  I've managed to get 64 samples
latency (1.5ms at 44100), with a minimal CPU overhead (68%
more, measured on my PC).
Wow!  Awesome news!  Aleksey, you are the best!!!



Here's the next version:

I've tried to implement as many suggestions as possible, and fixed some bugs.  Please note the possibility to use latency of 64 samples.  Envelope editing is still a little fiddly, but I'll try to get it better.


Many thanks for the routing instructions.

Regarding using a chorus on a send...the big problem with this is that you get chorus on the early reflections as well as the tail.  If you could design the verb so that the initial reverb buildup is clean and then subtle chorusing works its way into the decay...delicious...

I am presently layering verbs, and using the Kjaerhus chorus on a slightly longer, softer layer.  This works well except for the aforementioned problem.

Yes I know this would entail a lot of coding and GUI work, but I think some of us 'reverb freaks' are looking for this kind of sophistication.



arrangeit, unfortunately such kind of chorusing is not possible with convolution.  Yes, it is possible to apply a chorus to the impulse, but it won't evolve in action and thus will sound pretty statically.

BTW, here's the next version, very close to the release state:

Hi Aleksey,

What a brilliant idea about editing groups of control points!  Great!!!

Some notes for a wish list:

1.When a control point on ENV is being dragged it shouldn't go further then the next one and earlier then the previous one.

2.Probably, File/Chn menu should be called Slot/Chn, though...

3.In regard to 'ENVs>Link To>Slot' menu.  When I select any slot in 'Show File' line, doesn't it mean that the group of envelopes, corresponding to this slot, has been already selected?  I mean, why do user have to 'confirm' it by selecting the same slot in 'ENVs>Link To>Slot' menu, again?  I think, it would be more convenient way to work if we had just ENVs menu already linked to the slots.

A bug:

It happened during playback when the knob 'Delay' was adjusted.  I've got a message:

Exception during "processClassRelacing": Access violation at address 02E89F0E in module 'VoxengoPristineSpace.dll'.  Read of address 20FA2E86.


CPU 2.6Ghz 512RAM

WindowsXP Pro SP1

Beat regards,



great Programm, works really well even at a Latency of 64 Samples

But I was having problems with the control knobs - they don´t react properly to my Wacom Pen (change values too fast or too slow, very hard to reach the right value).

I´m doing all my stuff with the wacom pen (great for your hand against rsi!) , this is really bad for me - and my Logic Control does´t show all parameters - only Main out Wet / Dry

Please impement the other parameters too with the Logic Control.

Best wishes

Wolfgang Sperner

The newer version is available which should fix those crashes/exceptions.

Vitaly, I don't really want to put constraints on point movement.

I've changed File/Chn to Slot/Chn.

Can't understand your 3rd point. 'Link To' (on envelope) makes current File Slot use envelope of another slot.  Link To must be defined for all five envelopes.

Wolfgang, thanks for your report.  Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to make pen input support better.  All controls were initially designed for mouse, only.

Also it is not possible to make more parameters appear as standard controls.  For example, envelopes cannot be defined in a standard way.

Hi Aleksey,

Just got the last version.  It sounds great and looks so stylish.

Concerning 3rd point.  I got it and tried it.  Yes it is a good idea.

Last wish.  Would be it possible to create and save myown 'Default' preset?  So, when I open the new instance, everytime, it will start with the settings I prefer.



I've just implemented this 'default program' feature.  You can download the newer version.

Hi Aleksey,

Just wanted to add that pristine space sounds really good and the interface is nice.

I would however make the volume, filter, eq etc. bypass/enable buttons toggle the envelope window too, that is, pressing EQ enable would show the EQ curve also.  Actually, better make this a 'back panel option' as it can get annoying for heavy tweakers.  Also, when disabling the EQ, volume or whatever the view could go back to whatever was there before or to another enabled 'component'.  Did I make any sense at all? :)

A delayed chorus effect on the tail would really be a revolutionary feature.  I suggest you think about it very hard before dismissing the idea.  It's an ingenious suggestion by arrangeit and would give PristineSpace a nice edge over the competition.  Adding a simple chorus plugin in the send after pristine space will not yield the same results as it will affect the early reflections also which is not always desired.  Giving the chorus mix an envelope would be awesome.  I know this CAN theoretically be done using automation in most hosts but practically it's impossible.



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