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Beta version 1.4a is now available.  It mainly fixes minor bug.

Whats the bug?  I'm going to master a project in the near future and want to know if i should use the 1.3 or 1.4beta version?

By the way I'm going to buy it today.  I spent the whole afternoon testing the Elephant 1.2a version demo I had on my HD.  Great stuff!  Every time I switched to the Elephant from other limiters I was testing I could feel the sound opening up.  Even with more extreme settings.  Me likes!  My pc (P3 600) can barely handle the SonicFinalizer (havent installed Soniformer yet...) and Elephant combo but it works.  Now I just hope that I can do the export with the Hq version.

Aleksey, thanks!

You may try v1.4 beta since it may work better.  But if you don't want to feel you are using beta, then just take v1.3 which is generally working OK.

As for the bug in v1.3, it could appear when tweaking the knobs.  It is a very rare bug and I've found it in 'theoretical' way examining the program code.

Thanx Aleksey.  I don't mind using beta software (Cubase VST, anyone...) so I'm just using 1.4.  Any chance of noise shaping in the near future?

Noise-shaping is planned, but I'm not going far with it right now.  I have some code, but it is not any better than in any of the existing bit-depth converters.  So, I'm just searching for something definitely good.
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