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Hi there,

this was a topic here in 2005, but for me the issue never has been solved.  I have been using Voxengo's WindowsVSTs in a special version of Ardour on Linux for many years, but it caused my many crashes, quite some wrinkles, plenty of gray hair.  Consequently, I quit using Voxengo products recently and bought the rather expensive plugin suite from Harrison Consoles.

Hence I quit the crashes, but I can't quit the moaning, I'm just missing my Elephant too much.

So, once more, I ask for native Linux versions of the Voxengo product line.  I think, the market is evolving and there are not many competitors.  Most of them cannot offer what Voxengo can offer.  With Ardour, there is a very good DAW available... and a native version of Reaper might soon be there on Linux.



One day for sure, currently I simply can't make money on Linux software.

I'm running the Windows version of the Voxengo plugins on Linux with LinVst.

Works very well with Reaper and other native Linux hosts.

I would also like a native version of the Voxengo products.  Maybe in the future who knows.

I got all Voxengo plugins running in Linux (Linux Mint 18) using linvst (the simplest solution so far) and wine-staging.  I start using some of them (learning curve) w/o any problems at all EXCEPT that inter-process communication is not possible since linvst starts a new process for each plugin.  This means that the nifty export/import feature does not work (eg.  GlissEQ).  I'll take a look at the Carla host soon and will report back.  I'm also writing down a clear procedure to run the Voxengo plugins on Linux, and will post it soon.

If any are wondering if my use of plugins is only hobbyist, well, I do not make money with music but I do actively make quite a few projects while still learning about mixing and all that, many ranging from 35 to 45 tracks at mixdown.  I use the Voxengo plugins in Bitwig for creation and in Mixbus32C for mixing/mastering.  As an example, here are two pieces:


Meanwhile I also use Voxengo Elephant via LinVST.  Since this only worked well with the current version, I had to buy a new license.  Which is OK, but for the other Voxengo plugins, I use alternatives now.  There's some native ones from Harrison that work well, so I bought those.  GlissEQ might be the one I would want to use in LinVST, too, in the future.

I tried Carla and vsthost (command line) but they could not run the Voxengo stuff in a stable manner.

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