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I'm really pleased to present this new equalizer.  It's in alpha, so, please, be cautious and patient when using it - it may still have minor issues.

By pressing the '?' button you can see the short help screen.  Band tuning is pretty easy here, actually.  You can do all the tuning with your mouse only.

The corner-stone of this equalizer is its dynamical nature.  It actually assists you in equalization task.  Also due to the algorithms used it naturally emphasizes transients and that's why it sounds very musical.

The 'Dyn' knob specifies the level of dynamic adjustment.  Level '9' gives the most wide range of adjustments and dynamics while level '1' gives the sound of almost ordinary filters.

Current alpha is also bundled with several presets.  These may be changed in the release version.  Also a users' manual should appear in the release version.

For those who have previously tested a so called 'Pulteque' equalizer, GlissEQ is based solely on it.  So you may welcome GlissEQ as its final version.

Comments and feedback are mostly appreciated!  Thanks!


Looks good, I can'r wait to play with it!!!!

Any idea on the price range????

Price is not decided yet.  But you may expect something close to price tags of the current Voxengo products.

I've updated GlissEQ alpha to v1.0b.  Download:

It includes pretty good high-pass and low-pass filters and a 'high quality' mode switch.

v1.0d is available now:

It has a 'TUBE' knob which specifies the internal drive of saturator stage.  This is not like a guitar amp drive knob, i.e. you won't get more distortion with large TUBE value.  Instead, you will get a more pronounced transients, but a lower general distortion.  With low TUBE value signal gets much more general distortion and harmonics, but transients will be less augmented.

Everything I planned is available in the plug-in, and right now I'm working on the manual.

This looks cool.  I will try tomorrow, when will a fully functioning(non demo) version be available?

This is alpha demo, and it works almost like a release version.  Later you can buy GlissEQ and you'll have a fully functioning version.

A question to Aleksey.  What is it you are trying to achieve with GlissEQ compared to CurevEQ. ?  I hope this is not too simplistic a question, I'm just trying to work out the basic differences.  I find CurveEQ so powerful as it stands and I would like to see the "motivation" for GlissEQ explained so that I can better understand how to try it to best effect.


Here's some explanations from the manual (it will be available in the release version).

Is GlissEQ somehow different from CurveEQ?
GlissEQ is vastly different from CurveEQ.  First of all,

GlissEQ is an analog-style equalizer, with zero-latency.  GlissEQ is also a

dynamic equalizer, able to offer some unique sounds.

Do you have some basic outlines of how I can benefit from GlissEQ's
dynamic nature?

With GlissEQ you can emphasize the transients in a very natural and musical way.  E.g. you have a poorly defined bass.  In this case you simply need to tune a moderately wide Peaking filter around 80-100 Hz with Dyn around 7.  Then simply add a gain.  And so, even if your bass had almost no outstanding transients, it will have now.

The same applies to the higher frequencies.

In the end it makes everything much more pronounced.

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